Life in Old San Juan

Old San Juan is a vibrant, living museum, a constant ode to the will and might of its Spanish settlers and their precious stronghold. Today, the defensive walls and imposing castles protect a close knit community with a strong sense of pride and committed to harmonious coexistence.

The old city is a place for living, for work, for commerce. It is the center stage for governmental, political, religious, banking and shopping facilities. There is an abundance and restaurants and hotels. Further, it boasts three universities, plus grade and high schools. Conversely, an array of museums, theaters, galleries, plazas and cafes offer a wide-range of spaces open to an effervescent vie bohème.

A walk through Old San Juan in the early morning light is a constant invitation to unravel the many layers of history to its buildings, streets or plazas. These historic properties are all important witnesses to a history rich with the storied lives of significant artistic, cultural and political leaders whose secrets lie within the fabric of the city.

The old city is a willing raconteur of life stories, equally proud of telling the tales of conquistadors and of its current engaged citizens, who so successfully link preservation and modern living.

Today, Old San Juan stands as a unique military stronghold that has been revitalized into a showcase of easy living amongst friendly neighbors. Visitors and locals alike, from all walks of life, become one and all in San Juan. Five centuries of continuous daily instill an unmatched authenticity to the strong sense of community.

This city within a city is all about the delightful joint venture of friends, neighbors and guests to make up a uniquely spirited community. Life in Old San Juan is a constantly evolving urban tale that dares challenge time in the modern era.

Life in Old San Juan